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Predict To Win - Know football? Win Money.

Predict To Win is the game that allows football fans the chance to earn money by showing how much they know about football.
It is FREE to play and everybody can win!

Your football knowledge can win you money each week in our Predictions League, and with many more cash prizes awarded through our Bonus League and Champions' League, you can look forward to a generous payment come the end of the season.

Predict To Win is simple to play and is essentially two competitions in one. Everybody is entered into the Predictions League, in which points are awarded according to the accuracy of each player's weekly predictions. At the end of the season these points are converted into a cash value and players are sent their winnings. In addition, every player can also earn points in our Bonus League where points are awarded as bonuses for a good performance in the Predictions League or for players signing-up to special offers. Earnings from the Bonus League are added to those for the Predictions League, meaning that the only limit on players' winnings are the players themselves.

The top 16 finishers in the Predictions League also qualify for the following season's Champions' League, in which players predict each week's results in the UEFA Champions' League.

Predictions League

The Predictions League is your chance to show how good you are at predicting football results. Each week a set of matches is posted on the Predict To Win website (usually on a Sunday). Every Predict To Win player is notified by e-mail that a new set of predictions is on-line. Players can then click on a link in their e-mail, or access the site at a later time, in order to submit their predictions.

Players are presented with a list of 10 fixtures to be played on the following Saturday. Fixtures are selected by Predict To Win from the English Premier League, First Division, Second Division, Third Division or FA Cup. Players must then predict a scoreline for each of the fixtures and submit their predictions by clicking on a banner advert beneath their 'Prediction Form'. All predictions must be submitted by 14.00 UK time on a Saturday.

Following the completion of the matches, points are awarded to players based on the following criteria:

1 point for every 'correct outcome', i.e. you have correctly predicted which team will win or lose, or that the game will end in a draw. But, you have not predicted the correct scoreline, e.g. you predict Arsenal will beat Liverpool 1-0 but the actual score is 2-0.

2 points for every 'correct result', i.e. you have correctly specified the exact scoreline of a match, e.g. you predict Arsenal will beat Liverpool 2-0 and the match does finish 2-0 to Arsenal.

League positions are then determined according to your total points. At the end of the season, EVERY player has their points total converted to a monetary value (£0.01 per point) and will receive payment for that amount. In addition, the League champion will receive £500, the runner-up £200 and 3rd place £100.

Bonus League

The Bonus League provides players of the Predictions League with a terrific way of increasing their earnings even further. Bonus League points are awarded to players in order to reward their good performance in the Predictions League as well as for signing-up to special offers on the site.

Points are awarded as follows:

Monthly winner of Predictions League - 50 points
Prediction League points awarded for all 10 matches - 30 points ('All 10 Bonus')

Players can also earn 50 points for every new member that they refer to Predict To Win. As well as this, Predict To Win will occasionally offer members the chance to earn bonus points by signing-up to special offers, which will either be posted on the site or sent by e-mail. There will also be the chance to score bonus points by participating in on-line quizzes and competitions throughout the season.

Each bonus point has a monetary value of £0.005 and each player's bonus earnings will be added to those from the Predicitons League at the end of the season. So, bonus points provide an excellent way to boost your final winnings.

In addition, the Bonus League champion will receive £200, the runner-up £100 and 3rd place £50.

Champions' League

The top16 finishers in the Predictions League qualify for the following season's 'Predict To Win Champions' League'.

Our Champions' League entrants will be asked to predict the results of UEFA Champions' League matches throughout the season, and will earn points according to the Predictions League system. At the end of the season, the top scorer in the Champions' League will earn £50 and the runner-up £20.

How much can I win?

The only limit to your earnings is you!

Predict To Win anticipate holding 35 games in the Predictions League. Let's say that you score an average of 5 correct outcomes and 3 correct results and play only 30 games. That's 10 points per game, which would be 330 points (£3.30) after 30 games.

On top of that, let's say that you achieve 6 'All 10 Bonuses'; refer 10 new players to the site; and sign up to 5 special offers (average of 200 points each). That would be 1680 points (£8.40), giving a total of £11.70.

For the AVERAGE player this would be the MINIMUM figure that you should be aiming for. In this calculation we have placed a limit on how often you play and how good you are, how many new players you refer and how many offers you sign up to. We have also not included bonus points earned from competitions and quizzes, being our monthly champion and the cash prizes awarded to the top 3 finishers in the two leagues. We also anticipate the value of points increasing during the season as our membership grows!

How do I join?

Joining Predict To Win is easy. Simply click on 'Register' and fill out the Registration Form. You will then receive confirmation of your details by e-mail.

When a Predictions League game is ready to be played you will be notified by e-mail (usually on a Sunday). You should then access the Predict To Win site and complete your 'Predictions Form'. It's that simple!

Before joining Predict To Win you should consult our Rules and our Privacy Statement. You will need to agree to the 'Rules of the Game' in order to join. You may also consult our FAQs for further details on Predict To Win.