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Predict To Win takes the utmost care of the information you give on-line. Therefore, in addition to its strict compliance with all applicable laws, Predict To Win puts into place a simple and effective system, helping you to stay in control of your personal information at all times.
The Predict To Win privacy statement specifies what kinds of personal data are collected on-line and the purposes for which they are used. We will be free to modify this privacy statement at any time. Therefore, we advise you to consult it on a regular basis.

Personal Data Collected by Predict To Win

Predict To Win will only collect personal data that you give us voluntarily. In order to manage your participation in the
Predictions League and Bonus League as well as the sending of any prizes that you may win as a result, we need to know your
surname, your first name, your personal postal address, your e-mail address and your date of birth.
You remain free to modify this personal information at any time, by clicking on "Your Details", after confirming your identity
with your login and password.
Predict To Win enables you to stay easily in control of the personal information you submit to us. By clicking on "Your Details"
you can, after confirming your identity with your login and password, do the following:
1 access your personal information;
2 correct or update it;
3 delete it and then unsubscribe to the website;
All changes will be implemented by Predict To Win without delay.
It is possible (usually within 48 hours following receipt of your request) to gain access to any and all information Predict
To Win holds concerning you. To do this, simply send an e-mail to

mention in the body of the message "Please send me the complete list of information Predict To Win holds about me" and do not forget to mention your first name, last name and username.

Advertising and Third Parties

Advertising is the source of Predict To Win’s income. Without such advertising we could not offer you the chance to win free cash for predicting football results. This is why we publish advertising banners on the Site.
Upon joining Predict To Win, members agree to allow the Site to pass on details of their e-mail address, age and gender to Third Parties of a similar nature to Predict To Win. These Third Parties will be related to soccer and/or gambling, and thus of potential interest to Predict To Win members.
Access to your personal information is protected by a username id and a password, which you alone know. We ask you not to communicate your username and your password to anybody. In addition, we recommend that you chose a password, which is at least six alphanumeric characters (letters + figures) long. Other than on the site, Predict To Win will never ask you for your username or your password, whether during a phone conversation or at any other time. You are responsible for keeping your username and your password confidential.
If other people may use your computer, we recommend that you deactivate cookies. Once we receive your information, we will do our best to keep it secure in our systems, and to protect it against any loss, alteration or misuse.
Predict To Win contractors who are given access to your information to fulfil some services (for instance to send Prizes) are bound by a strict obligation of confidentiality and they are not authorized to use your information for any purpose other than providing their services to Predict To Win.


When you visit the site, Predict To Win may automatically collect, for technical reasons, some non-identifiable information about you, for instance the type of browser you use or the type of operating system used by your computer. Predict To Win may also collect IP addresses when you register in order to answer questions from authorities, and in particular to help prevent a fraudulent game. If your computer is shared with other users (for example in an office or an Internet Café) we recommend that you do not accept this offer when registering.
A Cookie is a small computer file sent by a server and stored in your computer hard drive. It allows us to identify you automatically when you return to the site. As a consequence, you can directly access the Predict To Win game page without having to identify
yourself manually each time you visit the site. You can therefore access the game faster. This Cookie, which is not compulsory,
is activated when you first register on the Predict To Win site.
Distant ad servers and/or advertiser networks that download ads directly on the Predict To Win site may also use their own
Cookies. Predict To Win cannot be held liable for these cookies, which are not within the scope of the Predict To Win privacy
Most Internet browsers allow you to delete Cookies from your hard drive, deactivate them or receive a prior notice before
they are registered in your computer. For more information on these functions, please refer to the instructions of your browser
or to the "help" window.


Spam or "junk e-mail" is an e-mail message, in particular for commercial purposes, sent to a large number of people without their prior consent.
Predict To Win is strongly opposed to this kind of practice. We will only ever send you e-mails that you have agreed to receive under the terms of the Predict To Win Terms and Conditions.

We hope that this Predict To Win Privacy Statement lives up to your expectations. If you do not agree with it, please do not register on the site.