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General FAQs

Is there any cost to join?

No. Predict To Win is completely free to join.

Do you accept international users?


Is there any age restriction?

Yes. In order to join Predict To Win you must have been at least 13 years old on 11th May 2003.

May I have more than one username per person/per household?

An individual may have ONE username only. The number of players per household is limited to TWO players of the same surname and personal postal address. If this rule is broken all members with the same personal postal address will have their membership terminated.

How often can I play?

There will generally be 1 Prediction League game per week. One set of fixtures (to be played that Saturday) will be posted on the site by the preceding Sunday afternoon. You can submit only one set of predictions per game. Predictions for Saturday matches must be submitted by 14.00 UK time on the day of the matches.

How many 'special offers' will I receive?

Special offers will be sent to members' e-mail addresses throughout the season. Where specified, members will receive bonus points for each offer that they sign up to. All members will receive the same offers at the same time to ensure that nobody has an unfair potential to earn more bonus points than anyone else. It is anticipated that these offers will be sent to members twice per month, and that they will earn members an average of 200 bonus points.

What do I do if I think Predict To Win has not given me as many points as I am owed?

It is very unlikely that Predict To Win would make such an error. However, if you are convinced that we have made a mistake you must contact us at admin@predicttowin.com

What happens if I have breached the Rules of the Game?

We shall judge individual cases according to the breach of rules that is suspected. Generally, if a member has intentionally sought to defraud the website, their membership shall be terminated. In some cases we will consider legal action. If there has been a minor, or unintentional, breach of the Rules, a member will typically receive a points deduction.

How can I find out more about your policies and obligations?

Please consult our Rules of the Game and our Privacy Statement.

Payment FAQs

How can I make money with Predict To Win?

Each player's points acquired from the Predictions League, Bonus League and Champions' League are totalled at the end of the season, and converted into a monetary value. Predictions League and Champions' League points are worth £0.01 each, and Bonus League points are worth £0.005 each. Each member's total winnings are then sent to them. In addition, the top 3 finishers in both leagues will receive cash prizes. The Predictions League champion will receive £500, the runner-up £200 and 3rd place £100. The Bonus League champion will receive £200, the runner-up £100 and 3rd place £50.

How much money will I make?

There is no limit to how much you make other than your ability to predict football results and your desire to maximise your bonus points. We anticipate our average payout this season as being between £15-£20. Our expected highest payout is in the region of £560 to our Predictions League champion. Members who do not reach £1.00 in earnings will not receive any payment.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid by either PayPal, MoneyBookers or No Chex. Further details will be provided to members at the end of the season.

When will I be paid?

All members eligible for payment will receive an e-mail notifying them of their total winnings and confirming that their payment has been sent to them.

Where does this money come from?

Predict To Win's revenue is completely dependent on advertising. This is why you must click on a banner ad in order to submit your predictions. The more offers that you sign up to and the more adverts that you click on, the greater the prizes we can offer.

Technical FAQs

What should I do if I forget my username and/or password?

Please send an e-mail to admin@predicttowin.com with the subject "Forgot username/password" in the subject heading. We shall then send your details to your registered e-mail address.

How can I cancel my membership?

Please send an e-mail to admin@predicttowin.com with the subject "Cancel membership" in both the subject heading and the body of the message. We shall terminate your account immediately.

How do I update my details?

Please use the 'Update Details Form' in the 'Contact Us' section of the website.

How do I view my current league standings/total earnings?

In order to see your current league position you should view the League Standings on the site. You will also receive notification of your current league position and earnings following the completion of each round of Predictions League matches. You may also request a statement of your current Predict To Win league positions and earnings by sending an e-mail to admin@predicttowin.com

How secure and private is the information I give you?

Please refer to our Privacy Statement.

Referral FAQs

Is there any limit on the number of people I may refer?

No. You may refer as many people as you wish. The more people that you refer, the more money you can make.

How can I refer other people to Predict To Win?

Aside from telling your friends or e-mailing them yourself, we offer an e-mail form that you can send to as many people as you wish. We also offer banner ads that can be placed on your website, which mean you will be credited for every new member that you send to us. DO NOT SPAM! If we find that any of our members have advertised Predict To Win using unsolicited e-mail advertising, their membership will be terminated.
Further information on referring new members can be found at:

If this FAQ section has not properly answered any questions that you have regarding Predict To Win, you are welcome to e-mail us with your enquiry. Please find the appropriate contact address at the following page: