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Welcome to Predict To Win where you can earn money by simply predicting the results of football matches.

Every year thousands of people enter Fantasy Football competitions hoping to win big, but how many actually win anything?

Finally, Predict To Win is here to give football fans the chance to win CASH based on their football knowledge.

Over the course of the 2003/4 season, every player can expect to win a cash prize, and with many other chances to earn extra money through our bonus leagues, Predict To Win will pay you to show how much you know about soccer! The more you know, the more you win!

It doesn't matter when you join either, because you can earn money for predicting results at any point in the season.

Best of all, Predict To Win is FREE to enter! So, sign-up today - you can't lose!


01/06/04: The Bonus League has now finished and we are pleased to announce that this year's Bonus League champion is simon_keel who accumulated 31790 points this season. The final standings can be viewed here.

16/05/04: The Predictions League season has now finished and we are pleased to announce that this year's Predict To Win champion and winner of the 500 first prize is 'nigelw-k', who scored an impressive 225 points. It proved a very exciting climax to the season with 5 different players having a chance of winning going into the final week. But, there can only be one winner and at least runner-up 'plzdontgo' and 3rd-placed 'certainlynotme' can look forward to their 200 and 100 prizes respectively. Congratulations must also go to 'Parkerg' who, like Liverpool, just pipped a number of others for the final Champions' League place.

16/05/04: The final Predictions League standings for this season can be viewed here. Congratulations to our top scorers of the week with 10 points: 'nixona' and 'john336'. With the season over in mid-May, it's also time to announce that our May monthly philotheoparoptesism champion, with 20 points this month, is 'john'.